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For the same spend as search-engine marketing, Media Traffic delivers more:

  • Visitors
  • Visibility
  • Return on Investment

Pricing model

Campaign Types Targeting Bidding Starts at:
Highly Targeted Keywords, URLs & country $ 0.015 CPV
Broad Targeted Category & Country $ 7 CPM
RON (run of network) Country $1 - $3 CPM

Create Highly Targeted campaigns to drive relevant traffic to your site
Use Broad Targeted campaigns to drive relevant traffic and volume to your site.
Use RON campaigns to drive volume to sites with mass appeal.

Domestic and International Traffic

Drive targeted traffic from USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia. Other popular countries include: Spain, Italy, Brazil, New Zealand, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland & Russia.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Try our service with peace of mind. Upon request, MTA will refund the unused portion of your funds within the first 30 days of the initial deposit. For more details, please visit our Terms and Conditions.

Who can benefit from our service

Individuals, small & large business, affiliate marketers and advertising agencies: anyone who needs specific consumers to view their product or service.

Our advanced advertising platform comes complete with many convenient tools:

  • ROI Tracking – instantly see which targets are performing for you.
  • Target Overbid – maximize traffic from important targets.
  • Bulk Upload – makes for easy creation of complex campaigns.
  • Duplicate Campaigns – easily create new campaigns based on existing ones.

Reseller features

Media Traffic Reseller features include:

  • Client organization
  • Monthly invoices subtotaled by client
  • Assign margin/markup by campaign
  • Third-party login – client can login and view their own reports from a generic URL with your company logo.

Contact us to see if our Reseller feature is right for you.

Consumer benefits

Vomba Network provides consumers with quality software that give direct productivity and entertainment value. Users choose to install Vomba applications on an opt-in basis.

Vomba Network has taken many steps to provide the end-user with privacy and complete control of their computers. All Vomba software has clear install/un-install procedures and allow for users to continue using the software while pausing advertisement deliveries – a first in the interactive advertising industry.

Learn more about Vomba starting with VombaSavers and VombaShots.

Advertiser Benefits

Media Traffic's proprietary formula for the number and frequency of ads displayed to end-users are designed to maximize ad effectiveness while remaining relevant and unobtrusive to consumers.

By respecting end-user rights, Vomba users are more likely to respond to advertisements delivered through its' software. Relevant advertisements delivered by Media Traffic combined with Vomba opt-in users consistently yield a positive ROI for advertisers..

Ease of use

Our advanced platform is easy to use. A simple 3 step process can have your first ad campaign up and running in about 5 minutes.

Media Traffic features very powerful and flexible online reporting. Advertisers have all necessary information to monitor and maintain ad campaigns.

Customer Service

Media Traffic is second-to-none in customer service. Every advertiser has a dedicated account manager. We believe in building strong relationships and that can only be achieved with personalized service.

Our entire team is dedicated to your success. We are always here to assist with campaign setup and optimization to maximize your ROI.

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